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Getting Around Belize

The best way to get around Belize is the bus. Not only is riding and traveling by bus easy and reliable, but it is also very affordable. To catch a bus, hail it on the side of the road and tell the driver where you'd like to go. Not exactly the luxurious approach in catching a bus, but that is how the locals do around Belize. Within Belize City and other large cities you'll likely find that these are the only bus services available. However, they are also home to terminals where bus tickets can be pre-bought instead of catching the bus in the usual manner. If you are catching a bus at a terminal, remember to arrive a half an hour before the bus is expected to leave. One of the reasons buses are so popular is that they are extremely affordable. Trips usually range from $2.50(USD) to $11(USD). This is also the same form of transit used by most of Belize's residents, meaning your journey will be a cultural one, and you'll be paying the same as the locals for your transportation. This also means that those who are traveling on a tighter budget can get to many different locations around the country.


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