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Top Belize Attractions

Belize is known for some of its best ruins. Altun Ha in Northern Belize is a small yet well preserved site featuring two large central plazas surrounded by mid-sized pyramids and mounds. At the Altun Ha, many have found jade, pearl and obsidian artifacts, and the largest carved jade piece from the Mayan era, was recovered here, the sculpture of the Mayan sun god, Kinich Ahau. Another great ruin to visit is the Tikal. Tikal is the grandest of the surviving classic Mayan cities. Tikal is home to the most perfect ceremonial architectures in the Mayan world. Here you will find pyramids, and several temples that poke through the dense rainforest. Lamanai, El, Pilar, and Caracol are some other great ruins and places to visit when on Belize. Belize is not known to have many places that are unique so take advantage of these; they will sure spark your interest!

Natural Attractions Natural Attractions
Belize Zoo Belize Zoo
Cayo District Cayo District
Caves Branch Caves Branch

The Best Natural Attractions

Interested in a fun filled day out with Mother Nature? Visit the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary; here you will be surrounded by over 250 resident species of birds and endangered species. The sanctuary is home to the endangered Jabiru stork, the largest bird in the Americas. Crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys, and fish can all be seen here just paddling or monkeying around the natural attraction. Another great natural attraction is the Rio Bravo Conservation Area in Northern Belize. This massive forest is home to nearly 400 bird species and 200 species of tropical trees. Anyone interested in cats? The conservation has a healthy population of New World cat species including the Jaguar. Who says having fun can’t be free? Enjoy your day out in the environment and take some time out to enjoy the great views. Other sites worth mentioning are the caves in Western Belize and the Rio on Pools. Bring a camera because these locations are surely going to captivate you.


Belize Zoo

 Address near Belize City
 Phone 220-8004

Visit the Belize zoo that is home to over 125 animals, all native Belizean species. Are you looking for a quiet afternoon with the kids, this is a great place to take your entire family. Affordable and educational at the same time, the Belize zoo has large as well as small creatures to amaze your little ones. Go along trails that will take you towards the monkeys, or run along the trails that will take you away from the alligators. Sit in a shaded area, while having a picnic or grabbing a bite to eat, just remember not to feed the animals at the zoo no matter how hungry they might be. Bring a camera and take some great family memories back home with you, the smiles on your kids faces is priceless and worth the trip down to the zoo.


Cayo District

 Address Western Belize

The Cayo District is the heart of Belize’s Mayan world. If you want to experience culture, as well as have an adventure at Belize, visit the Cayo District. The district has ancient Mayan ruins and burial caves. These are worth visiting because there are not many places in Belize to get the full experience of architecture and art. The Cayo district is a great place for families to spend their time. The district has all the main attraction that lay within Western Belize. Since everything is so close to one another, families can relax, and have an affordable day out on the town. The district also has a few museums in Chaa Creek. One museum worth mentioning is the natural history museum that has its own butterfly breeding project. If you’re not interested in art or architecture, shopping and a little pampering at the spa should do the trick with tired parents wanting to take it easy for the day. The Cayo district is small compared to most other towns in other countries, but has so much to do and see, that you are sure to find something that is of interest to you!


Caves Branch

 Address Cayo District and Western Belize

The Caves Branch in Western Belize is a place you can bring your entire family. Kids love this attraction because they can ride inner tubing through the dark and spooky networks of limestone caves. The Caves Branch although small, is a great way to educate your child on natural formations that the earth creates. Enjoy the beautiful glow and tranquil feeling of these caves. The caves are filled with 1000-year-old pottery shards, statues of fertility gods, and footprints of the Mayas. You kids will love the underground jungle hike, and although the attraction is a bit pricy, the expression and smile on your families face is priceless!


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