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Belize Facts & Information

 Location Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico
 Climate Tropical, very hot and humid, rainy season May to November; dry season February to May
 Terrain Flat, swampy coastal plain; low mountains in south
 Population 279,457
 Nationality Belizean
 Ethnic groups Mestizo 48.7%, Creole 24.9%, Maya 10.6%, Garifuna 6.1%, other 9.7%
 Religions Roman Catholic 49.6%, Protestant 27%, other 14%, none 9.4%
 Languages English (official), Spanish, Mayan, Garifuna (Carib), Creole
 Government Type Parliamentary democracy
 Capital Belmopan
 Currency Belizean dollar (BZD)
 Description of Flag Blue with a narrow red stripe along the top and the bottom edges; centered is a large white disk bearing the coat of arms; the coat of arms features a shield flanked by two workers in front of a mahogany tree with the related motto SUB UMBRA FLOREO (I Flourish in the Shade) on a scroll at the bottom, all encircled by a green garland
 Belize Flag Flag of Belize

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Belize Culture

Since Belize is such a small country with a small population of people, it lacks the vibrant cultural scene found in larger countries. That doesn’t mean that the culture doesn’t exist, it just means that you will have to poke around harder and find the local music, literature, art, and architecture that lies within the country. Some architecture that sill exists and is worth mentioning is St. Johns Cathedral, and the Paslow buildings. You won’t find a club to listen to local

music on every block, but a traditional performance of Garifuna, a drumming and dance combination can be found in the southern regions of Belize. As for the people of Belize, English is the official language, but travelers will run across a wide range of languages and people. While walking around the country you might hear, Creole, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, or even the archaic German used by the country's small Mennonite community.

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Belize Shopping

When shopping in Belize you want to look for handicrafts, straw items and woodcarvings. These items are a must have when visiting Belize. Ambergris Caye in San Pedro has the best of everything, from shopping, to nightlife, scenery, and people. The great thing about shopping in Belize is that your money will go farther than it would back home in Europe or North America, because everything is so cheap! At Amergris Caye you can buy some great souvenirs, browse local

art, and sample some authentic Belizean tastes and flavors, while shopping for some one of a kind clothing, furniture, and jewelry. Popular jewelry on Belize is the pink and black coral bracelets and necklaces. The only problem with purchasing them is that you won’t be able to take them back to the USA. There are now severe restrictions on the export of these and some other goods in the interest of wildlife conservation. So if you’re wondering of sneaking a few pieces in, think again, you won’t want an expensive one of a kind piece taken away from you by the customs department!


Belize Restaurants

We’ve provided listings for some of the top restaurants in Belize including San Pedro, Belize City, Belmopan and more. You’ll find lavish gourmet restaurants, affordable restaurants serving up good food, and everything in between. Sample traditional Belize cuisine or other specialty cuisines that are sure to make your taste buds happy.

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