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Getting Around Rome

There are many different means of transportation in Rome. When you first arrive in the city, whether by train or airplane, the best way to get to your hotel is by taxi. Although taxis are sometimes expensive, they are always parked around the train stations and airports, and the drivers are willing to help with suitcases. For sightseeing, the best way to truly see Rome is to use your own two feet. Walking around the city you will always run into an important building or monument that may have been missed had you chosen to ride by taxi, bus, or subway. However, if your time is limited, the best and cheapest way to travel is by subway or bus. Subways and buses run continuously throughout the day and have stations around almost every important attraction. If you are feeling adventurous, car rentals are also available. However, as you will see after your first taxi ride in Rome, driving is not safe for a non-native of the city.


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