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Italy Facts & Information

 Location Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea
 Climate Mediterranean, Alpine in far north, hot, dry in south
 Terrain Mostly rugged and mountainous, some plains, coastal lowlands
 Population 58,103,033
 Nationality Italian
 Ethnic groups Italians
 Religions Roman Catholic with mature Protestant and Jewish communities
 Languages Italian
 Government Type Republic
 Capital Rome
 Currency Euro (EUR)
 Description of Flag Three equal vertical bands of green, white, and red.
 Italy Flag Brazil Flag

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Rome Culture

Rome is a historical landmark, a university, the capital of Italy, a major center for fashion, and home to the leader of Catholic faith. Still, despite the big city atmosphere, the citizens of Rome follow many of the tendencies common in smaller Italian towns. For instance, much of Rome shuts down during the midday siesta, which can be anytime from 2 to 6 o’clock, depending on the place. During this time, there is a sense of quietness and calm, even for the businesses that remain open. Romans embody a

sense of patience, except when driving, that is most notable in the care they take while preparing meals that are so characteristically Italian. Still, as in most big cities, you will see the occasional American restaurant, such as McDonalds and the Hard Rock Cafe. In addition, you will notice that many people speak some English, as Rome has always been a hub for tourism. Modern day Romans live in a world surrounded by the past and yet continually advancing. They proudly carry a very bright torch that has been passed down from gods, kings, and emperors.

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Rome Shopping

If you are going to shop in Rome, go designer. Almost every single major designer is represented in this posh city. The streets around the famed Spanish Steps feature wall-to-wall high-end names. Walking along these vias, you will come across Christian Dior, Prada, Armani, and Gucci, among others.

While such stores are tempting, do not spend

all of your money in one place! On weekend mornings, there are often markets set up in various Piazzas. There you will find a range of items, from antiques to jewelry to candles. The street vendors are friendly, especially to inquisitive tourists who are looking for souvenirs! The street markets create a sense of quaintness in this overpowering city.


Rome Restaurants
Read reviews for some of the best restaurants in Rome. You'll find the perfect restaurant for your vacation here. Choose a restaurant by cuisine type or visitor rating.
Name Address Phone Cuisine
 The Hassler Rooftop Piazza della Trinit? dei Monti 6 06-699340 International
 Reef Piazza Augusto Imperatore 42-48 06-68301430 Mediterranean
 Il Dito e La Luna Via dei Sabelli 49-51 06-4940726 Italian
 Trimani Wine Bar Via Cernaia 37B 06-4469630 Continental
 Osteria del Gallo Vicolo di Montevecchio 27 06-6873781 Italian
 La Rosetta Via della Rosetta 8/9 06-6861002 Seafood
 Al Ceppo Via Panama 2 06-8419696 Italian
 Colline Emiliane Via Avignonesi 22 06-4817538 Italian
 Il Bacaro Via degli Spagnoli 27 06-6864110 Italian
 Antico Arco Piazzale Aurelio 7 06-5815274 Italian
 Alberto Ciarla Piazza San Cosimato 40 06-5818668 Seafood
 Ristorante del Pallaro Largo del Pallaro 15 06-68801488 Italian
 Hostaria Nerone Via Terme di Tito 96 06-4817952 Italian
 La Terrazza Via Ludovisi 49 06-478121 Italian
 Sabatini Sabatini 06-5812026 Italian
 El Toul Via della Lupa 29B 06-6873498 Italian
 Cafe Romano Via Borgognona 4 06-69981500 International
 La Pergola Via Cadlolo 101 06-3509221 Mediterranean
 Les Etoiles Via Vitelleschi 34 06-6873233 Mediterranean
 Arancia Blu Via dei Latini 55-65 06-4454105 Italian
 IL Drappo Vicolo del Malpasso 9 06-6877365 Italian
 Piperno Via Monte de'Cenci 9 06-68806629 Italian
 Sapori del Lord Byron Via G. de Notaris 5 06-3613041 Italian
 Agata e Romeo Via Carlo Alberto 45 06-4466115 Italian
 Quinzi & Gabrileli Via delle Coppelle 5-6 06-6879389 Seafood
 Ristorante Il Matriciano Via dei Gracchi 55 06-3212327 Italian


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