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Maui History

Due to a volcanic eruption five million years ago, a beautiful Island filled with greenery and life evolved to the surface and formed the island we now call Maui. In the early years Maui was made up of three kingdoms, Hana, Waikulu, and Lahaina. Today, the most popular of them all, Lahaina still remains as beautiful and ancient with the local Hawaiians, with a rich and preserved history that is shared with all the visitors and tourists that come to visit Maui.

The first people to migrate to Maui were the Marquesas. The Marquesas sailed in canoes from the pacific and reached Maui in 750 A.D. The Tahitians followed the Marquesas’ route and introduced the island to the Kapu system, a strict social order that became the core of ancient Hawaiian culture. Even though the Marquesas, and the Tahitians were the first people to set foot on the island; Maui was discovered on November 26, 1778 by Captain James Cook. Hawaii then began to build it’s own culture as settlers built temples, fishponds and taro plantations.

Taro, a cultivated crop to make Poi, a traditional Hawaiian dish, is the oldest native food known to Maui. Poi is a sacred food to the Hawaiians and taro is usually only pounded and planted by men. All visiting members of Maui should taste Poi due to its historical relevance and importance in Hawaiian culture.

In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States, with the last star being added to the star and stripped flag. The year 1959 also brought important achievements for Hawaii, since it was the year jet airliners arrived bringing over 250,000 tourists to the state. By the year 1970’s over 1 million visitors were arriving to Maui and that number doubled in the next two years that came. Maui’s tourism replaced agriculture, as is now considered it’s number one industry.

Today, Maui is a considered the number one location to visit in the world. With its exotic mix of sun and rain, this pleasure spot cannot beat any other paradise on earth. Maui strives to be the ideal destination for every age group, by continuing to be rooted in it’s past, yet also preserving and sharing its cultural and historical wealth.

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