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Literature and the Arts.

The city of Florence is one of Italy’s most widely promoted and cautiously preserved treasures. Every day, people from all over the world flock to the many attractions for a glimpse of a city devoted to literature and the arts. Florence is composed of remarkable monuments and buildings, from the Santa Maria del Fiore to the Palazzo Vecchio, and each stands as a relic of the city’s rich history. The diverse styles of each structure demonstrate that each consecutive school of artists that inhabited the city inspired successive generations. As you walk through the narrow paths and vast piazzas, remember that some of the greatest artistic minds in the world once breathed the same air and beheld the same views.

Although art dominates the Florentine culture, the city is influential in other ways as well. Florence has honed the minds of literary and political dignitaries such as Dante and Machiavelli. After the unification of Italy in the 19th century, officials declared the Florentine dialect to be the official language of the country. In addition, for a short period of time after the unification, Florence was named the capital of Italy. Although it was eventually replaced by Rome, Florence retained its title as the official capital of the Tuscan region, and its reputation as the heart of Tuscan culture.

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