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Getting Around Florence

If you choose to fly into Florence, you will land in Amerigo Vespucci airport. Located only 20 minutes from the center of Florence, the airport hosts taxis, buses, and a car rental center, for transportation into the city.

If you are in Italy, the most practical method of getting into Florence is by bus or train. If you are a considerable distance from the city, the fastest way to travel is by train. The central train station is located near Piazza Santa Novella, and tickets can be easily purchased at the station, online, or through a travel agent. To gain entrance to the city from closer locations, buses are just as convenient. You can find tickets at a local tobacconist, or the bus terminal, located in the Piazza Stazione.

If you plan on staying in Florence for a long period of time, familiarize yourself with the bus routes, as that is the cheapest method of transport. Taxis are also widely available, although they may be more expensive. The best way to get around Florence is to walk, as every inch of the city is worthy of sightseeing.

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