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Buenos Aires.
The Paris of the South.

Buenos Aires has long been referred to as the Paris of the South. Much more European than its Latin American neighbors, Buenos Aires, or B.A. as it is colloquially referred to, has every bit the feel of the Parisian ambiance: quaint, cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes and shopping that is equivalent to any major cosmopolitan city. On any given afternoon, if you close your eyes while sipping a ‘cafe con leche’ at any of the aforementioned sidewalk cafes, you’d swear you were basking in the glory of an old-world European city.

But unlike such cities, Buenos Aires offers an atmosphere and passion for life unlike any other. Everything you’ve heard about this mesmerizing city is true - the fiery and sultry tango, the succulent cuisine and the indomitable spirit of its people. But until you experience the culture for yourself, everything you’ve heard will simply be tales and here-say. From the opulence of the Recoleta Cemetery to the San Telmo Sunday fair to the brightly colored houses of La Boca, Buenos Aires’ cultural landscape is as diverse as its class of people and equally as inviting. With the devaluation of the Argentine peso against the dollar, tourists and travelers alike are flocking to Buenos Aires. The secret’s out - pack your bags and your tango shoes and get ready for a journey you won’t soon forget.

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