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Spain Facts & Information

 Location Southwestern Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and Pyrenees Mountains, southwest of France
 Climate Temperate; clear, hot summers in interior, more moderate and cloudy along coast; cloudy, cold winters in interior, partly cloudy and cool along coast
 Terrain Large, flat to dissected plateau surrounded by rugged hills; Pyrenees in north
 Population 40,341,462
 Nationality Spanish
 Ethnic groups Composite of Mediterranean and Nordic types
 Religions Roman Catholic 94%, other 6%
 Languages Castilian Spanish 74%, Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2%
 Government Type Parliamentary monarchy
 Capital Madrid
 Currency Euro (EUR)
 Description of Flag Three horizontal bands of red (top), yellow (double width), and red with the national coat of arms on the hoist side of the yellow band
 Spain Flag Flag of Spain

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Barcelona Culture

Spaniards are a jovial and warm bunch who love to live, eat and drink. The people of Barcelona are no exception. They are inviting and welcoming to tourists and are eager to help foreigners. They are equally as artistic as they are friendly. The city hosts many concerts and recitals and is well-known for their avant-garde theater.

Like the rest of Spain, Barcelona takes a long and leisurely break in mid-afternoon, which is more commonly known as the siesta. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone takes a nap. More so, it is a means to rest and relax before dinner (and before the night picks up!). Dining in Barcelona begins late in the evening and is never rushed. It is common to linger over one’s meal for hours in preparation of a festive night out. Bars and clubs go way into dawn, and you are sure to find a hot-spot during any night of the week. About two-thirds of population speaks a derivative of Castilian Spanish, Catalan. Catalan is a Romance language that is closely connected to both Spanish and French. However, Castilian Spanish is widely understood and spoken.

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Barcelona Shopping

Like most major cities in Spain, Barcelona has extensive shopping options, from top international designers to major global chains to one-of-a-kind local styles. Here are some of the most widely known shopping areas:

Calle Portaferissa, Avenida Portal de l’Angel, Calle Boqueriaare
These are Barcelona’s three main shopping avenues

and are located in the picturesque Barri Gotic (the old Gothic quarters). What you’ll find: Well-known brands and labels: Zara, Benetton, Mango.

Plaza de Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia, Avenida Diagonal
Centrally located and the largest of Barcelona’s shopping district. What you’ll find: Shoes, Accessories and clothing stores as well as high-end fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Versace, etc.

Circuit del Born (the Ribera district)
Not as well-known as other shopping districts, but well-worth the visit for local shops and artisan boutiques and art galleries, design studios and craft shops.


Barcelona Restaurants
Read reviews for some of the best restaurants in Barcelona. You'll find the perfect restaurant for your vacation here. Choose a restaurant by cuisine type or visitor rating.

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