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Getting Around Bahamas

There are many options in the Bahamas when it comes to public transportation. Since the Bahamas isn’t the biggest Island in the world, getting around the island is fairly easy. Various modes of on island transportation include buses called jitneys. You can ride a jitney for a small fare and they take you from and too many locations on the island. Another way of getting around the island is renting a bicycle. Not only will you be able to see more by riding on a bicycle, but it can be a great work out experience too. Other methods of transportation include the common taxi, which there are plenty of, and of course last but not least the rental cars. Just remember when renting a car in the Bahamas always drive on the left! Since people drive on the left in the Bahamas make sure not to forget to look to your right when crossing the road. To be on the safe side, look both ways, this way you are guaranteed to be safe!


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