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Top Bahamas Attractions

The first time you visit Bahamas, or any new destination, the question asked isn’t usually what attractions should be scene but what attraction to see first, what to expect, how to get there, and how much time is needed. We’ve provided tips, advice, and other information about the top tourist attractions in Bahamas to help with your itinerary planning.

Parade of Flamingos Parade of Flamingos
Pirates of Nassau Pirates of Nassau
Dolphin Encounters Dolphin Encounters
Thunderball Grotto Thunderball Grotto
Hope Town Hope Town

Parade of Flamingos

 Address Chippingham Road, (off West Bay Street), Nassau
 Admission Adults $12, Children $6. (Ticket prices include admission to the gardens)
 Hours The flamingo parade is held three times a day: 10:30am, 2:10pm and 4:10pm.
 Phone +1 242 323 5806

Ardastra Gardens zoo and conservation center is a 5 ½ acre park that is part jungle, garden, and zoo. The park is home to many beautiful animals, including many endangered species from the Bahamas and Caribbean islands. Located in near the heart of downtown Nassau, Bahamas, the park offers a great intimate setting for a fun filled day at the zoo. Ardastra is oven seven days a week and its biggest attraction is the long-legged flamingo beauties of the Bahamas. There are few places in the world to see these amazing pink flamingos up close and personal and Ardastra is home to dozens of them. Three times a day the flock of flamingoes marches on to the stage in unison and perform a drill routine. With their black beaks swaying in the air, the flamingo parade is a must see when coming arriving to the zoo. The Ardastra is a nature reserve where stress is not an option. Animals are friendly and visitors come here to seek a feeling of peace and being one with nature.


Pirates of Nassau

 Address Marlborough and George streets, Nassau
 Admission Adults $15, Children $8, Children two and under enter free. (One child under 12 free per paying adult)
 Hours 9am-5pm Mon-Sat; open Sundays in season
 Phone +1 242 356 3759

Nassau Bahamas has a rich history related to pirates. Pirates of Nassau is an interactive pirate museum that focuses on the history of the Bahamas in the 1700’s. Visitors to the museum begin their adventure on a moonlit dock that smells like sea and tar as they hear sounds of pirates celebrating in a tavern nearby. Guests then board a replica pirate ship and enter a wolrd filled with cutlass wielding, and bloodthirsty pirates. A full scale tour of the pirate ship including the dungeon and the pirate community is explored and if you want to make an evening out of the tour, a buffet style dinner and entertainment is available. Once you have visited the whole attraction a bar located outside the museum awaits you for a relaxing drink. Pick home a souvenour at the museums gift shop, that’s another attraction of its own, and just get lost in the historical moment that the Bahamas offers.


Dolphin Encounters

 Address Paradise Island Ferry Terminal, Calypso Dock, Paradise Island
 Hours 8am-5pm daily
 Phone +1 242 363 1003

Ever wondered what it would be like to swim with the dolphins? There are many adventures to see and experience in the Bahamas but very few come close to the Aquatic exploration. At the Dolphin Encounters come face to face with the oceans most lovable and gentle sea creature, the dolphin. Dabble your feet in water was the dolphins swim past you in a friendly and tame manner. Want a real water experience, try swimming with the dolphins for a 30-minute swim program, where trainers are experts and will monitor the creatures every move. The close encounter will cost you $ 145, but that’s a small price to pay for an experience you will never forget. Not in the mood for swimming, you can just observe the action from a far for about $ 15. Dolphins featured at the park were also featured in the movie flipper. So jump into your wet suits and go have a swim with some special celebrities, in a moment that will last you forever.


Thunderball Grotto

 Address Near the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Staniel Cay, Exumas, Out Islands

Want some quiet and alone time with a loved one? Well Thunderball Grotto is a perfect picturesque underwater cave that will send sparks flying in any relationship. A site for major Hollywood Scenes such as James Bond movies, and Ron Howard’s, “ Splash” the cave is a romantic setting to dive into and have a look at all the amazing underwater life down below. Thunderball Grotto has rays of light piercing through the holes in the cave, which bounce off the water, and have dazzling crystal beam affects. You don’t have to be a great diver or swimmer to come enjoy the exploration in the cave. During low tide, snorkel your way into the cave and enjoy the beauty that is held a secret from the outside world. The Thunderball Grotto is located just off Staniel Cay in the northern chain of Exumas, Bahamas. Thunderball Grotto is a great free activity to spend your day enjoying Mother Nature, and a different part of the world that is hidden from view. Take your loved one, or experience this Bahamian beauty on your own. Remember to take a camera, and capture the moment. A picture says a thousand words!


Hope Town

 Address Elbow Cay, The Abacos, Out Islands

A short ferry ride away, the charming and old-fashioned settlement of Hope Town on Elbow Cay is home to about 300 people for generations. A small settlement, you won’t find many cars here. Bicycles and motorbikes rule the roads on Hope Town. With Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and great fishing locations, people travel to Hope Town to get away from the every day tourist life that Bahamas is known for. Come and enjoy the more down to earth areas that the Bahamas doesn’t commercialize, here you will find beautiful flowers, friendly people, great sailing, fine dining. Hope Town is best known for its lighthouse, one of the last still standing that uses kerosene lighting. Gift shops parade the island and you can always count to find something unique and special to bring back home with you. Enjoy the cool ocean breezes and take some time to enjoy the historical beauty of Hope Town.


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