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Bahamas History

Welcome to the Bahamas and let the pleasant subtropical climate distract you from your everyday worries. The Bahamas is made up of three major cities, Nassau, Bailey Town, and Marsh Harbor. The Bahamas is now an independent country and is famous for its scenic beauty, which plays an important role when attracting tourists. Due to its convenient location to Florida, the Bahamas caught the attention of explorers, settlers, and traders. Columbus was

actually the first European to discover the Bahamas in 1492. The Bahamas was known to be a haven for freed slaves, and a favorite holiday destination for the wealthy during the 1780’s when Bahamas was granted internal self-government, followed by independence in 1973.

Bahamas is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean. Like most islands, the Bahamas economy depends mostly on tourism. Tourism accounts for about 60% of the total gross domestic product, and about two thirds of the islands employment. Other industries that allow the island to flourish are, production of rum, oil, pharmaceuticals, and salt. The three busiest tourist locations on the Bahamas are New Providence Island, Paradise Island, and Grand Bahamas, all of which have great hotels, restaurants and casinos. Paradise island the most glamorous and alluring part of the Bahamas is where you can find the most expensive and the widest range of entertainment, casinos, nightlife, and hotels.

Harbour Island, the southern portion of the Bahamas is very remote and undeveloped, which is great for enjoying a quiet fishing afternoon, a day just lying on a pink sand beach, or diving into the water. Island hoping on the Bahamas is a very popular thing to do, since it will give you a feel for the different atmospheres that lies on the island of the Bahamas.

Bahamas is also known for its culture, people, and rich history. Native foods are a significant part of the islands history. Although some may think that fried chicken wings and French fries smothered in hot sauce is the native food of the Bahamian people, in reality that is a stereotype, and most people are not aware of the true islands culture. Authentic native dishes like Buds and Rich, Okra Soup, Peas and Homing, Boil Fish and Johnny cake, came from the native people of the Bahamas over 100 years ago.

Back then life in the Bahamas was tough and the Bahamian people tried to survive on what they had around them. Farming and fishing were their most reliable sources of food. Corn, fruits, and vegetables, were used to make corn bread, and steam conch because they were rich in carbohydrates, providing fuel for the people to function on in everyday life. Rice was used in most dishes, but what few people know is that rice actually came from Haiti and Jamaica. The Bahamas used to trade goods with other Caribbean islands just to get rice so that they can make their popular local dish of peas and rice.

The Bahamas is the size of the US state of Connecticut. Virtually coral reefs and a few palm trees surround the entire island. There are over 1370 species of trees and plants found on the island, sum including mahogany and a few pine forests, cabbage palm and fern exist.

So pick your island, or jump from one to the other and have a taste of the exotic world that awaits you here on the Bahamas.

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