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Getting Around Acapulco

Traveling by bus is inexpensive, but can be less comfortable than taking a slightly more expensive taxi. Often buses are crowded and you might need to stand up while you drive. Buses regularly run down Avenida Coster Miguel Alemán, the main street running the length of the bay, with their destinations marked with signs in the window.

Taxis in Acapulco do not have meters, so you will need to agree on a fare before your taxi takes off. If you arrange for taxi service through your hotel, request that the hotel let you know what the fare will be before your taxi arrives. You can also arrange to have a taxi for the day, if you plan on doing a great deal of driving.

There is so much public transport that if you are planning your trip around the beach, you won't likely need to rent a car, but if you plan on travelling outside of Acapulco, consider a rental.