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Acapulco History

Founded around 3000 BC by the Nahoa Indians, Acapulco takes its name from a Nahoa myth of two young lovers: Acatl and Quiahuitl. When they were not allowed to marry, Quiahuil's tears melted his body and and reeds sprouted from the puddle that he formed. Quiahuitl became a cloud and floated until she found the reeds, which she watered generously, and so untied the herself with her lover forever.

During colonial times, Acapulco was the most important port along the Pacific Coast, and the only port where Spanish allowed Chinese ships to trade. During this time, pirates (like Sir Francis Drake) so frequently robbed ships and traders on these shores that in 1616 the Spanish built the Fort San Diego, which today stands as one of the citys most popular historical attractions.

In the 1920s, Acapulco became known as the Prince of Wales' favorite fishing spot and it began to attract more tourism. In the 1950s, Albert B. Pullen, a U.S. entreprenuer, began to invest in developing a more serious tourism to the area. Hollywood gave his success a great boost, featuring Acapulco in 50s and 60s films like Elvis' famous 1963 "Fun in Acapulco". The city also became a favorite with stars like the Kennedys and Howard Hughes.

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