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S weden Facts & Information

 Location Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak, between Finland and Norway
 Climate Temperate in south with cold, cloudy winters and cool, partly cloudy summers; subarctic in north
 Terrain Mostly flat or gently rolling lowlands; mountains in west
 Population 8,878,085
 Nationality Swedish
 Ethnic groups Indigenous population: Swedes and Finnish and Sami minorities; foreign-born or first-generation immigrants: Finns, Yugoslavs, Danes, Norwegians, Greeks, Turks
 Religions Roman Catholic 75%, Protestant or other 25%
 Languages Swedish
 Government Type Constitutional monarchy
 Capital Stockholm
 Description of Flag The flag of Sweden is blue with a golden yellow cross extending to the edges of the flag. The cross is shifted slightly to the left of the flag.
 Sweden Flag Flag of Sweden

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Swedish Culture

Sweden’s location in northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, is well isolated from main land Europe. Consequently, Sweden developed a rich and distinct culture free from outside influences. Stockholm was awarded the European Capital of Culture in 1998 recognizing the city’s cultural splendor. Also due in part to the country’s isolation, Sweden was able to sustain peace and neutrality throughout the entire 20th century, increasing the country’s economic strength.

Stockholm SwedenSweden’s

culture draws from its early Viking beginnings, its 17th century role as a world power, and the beauty of the land. Swedish is a Germanic language much like Danish and Norwegian. Due to the similarity, most Scandinavians are able to communicate effectively across country lines. Further, most of the population speaks English as a second language. Church is an important part of Swedish culture. Roughly 95% of the population belongs to the Lutheran church.

Many Swedish influences have left their mark on the rest of the world. Swedish architects are credited with pioneering the functionalist movement. In the 1930’s, Sweden introduced the world to slick, clean and sophisticated designs that today are trademarks for Scandinavia.

Stockholm was the birthplace of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor of dynamite. Rightfully so, the Nobel Prize ceremony is held in Stockholm and has grown to become a proud symbol for the city.

Sweden is also widely known for its literary works. Perhaps the most famous Swedish writer is Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pippi Longstocking. Of course, who has not had a Swedish pastry or heard of a Swedish massage.

Swedish culture is visible in Stockholm’s architecture, cinema, and the Swedish people themselves. Visit Stockholm and take in all of Sweden’s fresh culture.

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Stockholm Shopping

There are shopping areas all throughout Stockholm. The good news is that most of the best shops are within walking distance from one another in the city center. Here you’ll find an assortment of boutiques, antique shops, and department stores including Nordiska Kompanient, Stockholm’s largest department store, and the furniture superstore IKEA, along with other popular stores like H&M. Sodermalm and Vasastan have some interesting antique shops

and, of course, a trip to Stockholm wouldn’t be the same without a visit to one of the markets. Skanesen hosts a number of markets throughout the year.


Stockholm Restaurants
Read reviews for some of the best restaurants in Stockholm. You'll find the perfect restaurant for your vacation here. Choose a restaurant by cuisine type or visitor rating.
Name Address Phone Cuisine
 Saline Tulegatan 17 8-442-9860 French
 Indian Inn Restaurant Verskstadsgatan 11-13 8 668 9233 Indian
 The French Dining Room 8 S. Blasieholmshamnen 8-679-3584 French
 Restaurant Operak?llaren Karl XII Torg 8-676-58-01 International


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