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Stockholm History

At the end of the Ice Age, glacial movements unlocked the land that was submerged underwater. Islands, now Sweden, rose to the surface. Humans first arrived around 6000 BC. Later Vikings called Sweden their home and ruled the region for centuries. The region didn’t begin to flourish until medieval times.

During the period when Christianity took it’s foothold,

Sweden was ruled by Eric IX. New trade laws were formed and Stockholm began its rise. Merchant fortunes grew as new relationships were established amongst Ha nseatic League port towns. The League consisted of trade towns throughout Germany and along the Baltic Coastline. Fearful of Germany’s growing power, Queen Margaret attempted to unite Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The underline rationale was to shift trade away from the Hanseatic League. The union eventually collapsed as a result of revolts lead by merchants in favor of trade within the Hanseatic League.

Sweden, Norway, and Denmark later became governed by the same rule. For years, conflicts broke out between separatists and unionist. The disputes reached a climax in 1520 when 82 Swedish nobles were charged and sentenced, by the Danish King, for burning down the archbishop’s castle. The men were beheaded. The horrific event became known as the Stockholm Blood Bath. Gustav Vasa, another Swedish noble, lead a revolt, captured Stockholm, expulsed Danes, and became King. Hence, the Vasa dynasty began.

Gustav IV led Sweden into the Third Coalition against France in 1805. Sweden suffered huge losses. Gustav IV was overthrown in 1808. Afterwards, a new constitution was drafted that gave Parliament equal power with the King. Napoleon established his aide, Jean Bernadotte, as the heir to the Swedish thrown. Bernadotte ruled Sweden and Norway as Charles XIV. His bloodline is still on the thrown today.

Norway declared independence from Swedish rule in 1905. Sweden accepted their independence. In 1946, Sweden joined the United Nations.

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