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St Augustine.

Top St. Augustine Attractions

The first time you visit St. Augustine, or any new destination, the question asked isn’t usually what attractions should be scene but what attraction to see first, what to expect, how to get there, and how much time is needed. We’ve provided tips, advice, and other information about the top tourist attractions in St. Augustine to help with your itinerary planning.

Fountain of Youth Fountain of Youth
Castillo de San Marcos Castillo de San Marcos
St. Augustine Lighthouse St. Augustine Lighthouse

Fountain of Youth

 Address 11 Magnolia Ave.
 Admission $6 adults, $3 children
 Hours 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily
 Phone (800) 356-8222

Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who had sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second journey to the new world. Ponce de Leon had heard stories about a magic water source that was said to keep people young. In 1513 Ponce de Leon set out to find the fountain of youth. He never did find it, though he did discover Florida.

Legend has it that Ponce de Leon explored the area that is now the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. Though, there is no evidence to support this claim. The park is nothing more then a tourist trap and the fountain itself is a huge, almost laughable, disappointment. Though, the romanticism behind the fable continues to draw a steady stream of tourists.


Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

 Address 1 E. Castillo Drive
 Admission $5 adults, $2 children
 Hours 8:45 AM – 4:45 PM daily
 Phone (904) 829-6506

While visiting St. Augustine, you can’t miss seeing the “Fort”. The sheer sight of the Castillo de San Marcos with its dry moat and drawbridge will likely compel you to explore the attraction. The Castillo de San Marcos is America’s oldest and best preserved fortress. It was built by the Spanish between 1672 and 1695 and was later made a national monument in 1924.

A tour map and brochure can be picked up at the ticket office. Highlights of the attraction include the prison, the central plaza house, the chapel, and the guard rooms. Rangers periodically offer up some interesting facts about the Castillo de San Marcus.

Parking is amble. However, cars that are left in the parking lot after the attraction closes will be towed. So don’t make the mistake of leaving your car parked while having dinner at one of the nearby restaurants.


St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

 Address 81 Lighthouse Ave.
 Admission $6.95
 Hours 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily
 Phone (904) 829-0745

The St. Augustine Lighthouse with its black and white spiral stripes and red lantern is Florida’s first official lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1875, replacing the old Spanish lighthouse that had stood at the inlet since 1565.

There is a small museum and visitor center nearby the attraction and if you like you can climb to the top.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is an ideal backdrop for pictures.


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