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Latin Metropolitan.

Santiago de Chile is a beautiful, cultural city in the heart of Chile. It’s very cosmopolitan, yet maintains its rich heritage in its food, traditions and people. When visiting Santiago, you will find ample restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping with small outdoor markets all the way up to giant malls. If you are interested in the artistic side of Santiago, enrich yourself with the breathtaking art galleries, museums filled with Chilean history and immerse your mind with a lively opera or theatrical performance. In addition to these attractions, be sure to take in the atmosphere of such a metropolitan city. You’ll see manicured parks, tree-lined avenues and neighborhoods with small, pedestrian-only streets full of cobblestone. At the same time, Santiago maintains a “New York” feel with amazing skyscrapers and high-rise condominiums. Head downtown to see large billboards and eat at outdoor cafes lined around plazas. Take a bus ride and fend off all the vendors and peddlers preying on every tourist or ride the subway for a little more peace and quiet.

Originally built over years of floods, earthquakes and wars, Santiago is now one of the largest metropolitan cities in South America. It is the capital of Chile and remains its industrial and commercial center. It has a growing population of over 5 million with all the traffic and smog a big city produces. Yet despite all this, Santiago still has the cultural beauty you will enjoy.

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