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Getting Around Santiago

Transportation around Santiago is very easy, as it is very modern with all big city comforts.

Car Rental
Car rental is very inexpensive and will run you about $30.00/day for a small car. Rates for medium and luxury cars are higher. You can rent a car throughout the city or at the international airport.

With the tremendous length of Chile, you may want to consider flying if you want to travel outside of Santiago. Chile does have national airlines that go to all major cities. A quick 45 minute trip will only run you about $80.00 and will save you loads of time traveling through the mountainous region.

Taxicabs are very cheap and easy to get you from one destination to another. It costs only about $2.00/mile. It also does not matter if you have more than 1 person in a cab, it will cost you the same.

Traveling outside of Santiago will be easy with Chile’s fantastic bus system. The ticket cost is a mere $10.00/ 250 miles.

The north and south train goes between Santiago, Chillan and Concepcion. The cost is a bit higher than the bus system. It’s about $13.00/ 250 miles. If you are interested in making travel arrangements by train, you can book it through a travel agency.

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