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Puerto Rico.

Getting Around Puerto Rico

Public Transportation on Puerto Rico is called Publicos. Publicos are cars and minibus that serve all the main towns of Puerto Rico and are the cheapest way around the island. Publicos pick up and let off passengers both at designated stops or even when someone flags them down with a wave of their hand. Publicos usually operate during daylight hours. Their license plates have the letters "P" or "PD" following the numbers which let you know that these automobiles are apart of Puerto Rico’s public transportation. Fares vary according to whether the publico will make a detour to pick up or drop off a passenger at a specific location. Fares from San Juan to Mayagüez range from $14 to $34; from San Juan to Ponce, from $20 to $32. A reminder, even although prices of publicos are low, the routes are slow, with frequent stops, often erratic routing, and lots of inconvenience. If you are going to travel by other modes of transportation remember that the road signs in Puerto Rico are all written in Spanish!


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