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Philippines Weather

The northern part of the Philippines is cooler in the months of November to February. However, in April and May, northern portions often experience higher temperatures.

Outside the big cities, the temperatures are cooler as well. The high level of concrete and asphalt retain the heat in Manila and Cebu.

Throughout the Philippines, four types of tropical climates are found: dry and rainy, never dry, not very pronounced seasons, and even distribution of rain. The east gets the rain. The south near the equator has rains that may occur year round. In the country, rains occur in the afternoons.

December through February is the cooler weather, summer runs from March through May, and the rainy season lasts from June through November, which includes thunderstorms and typhoons. This rainy season has rainfall averaging 38 in to 1600 in.

The rainy season is a not a bad time to visit because you do not deal with scorching heat and sun. Unless a typhoon is occurring, rain falls only two to three hours a day.

Average temperature is 80 F year round.