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The Munich International Airport is about 17 miles northeast of the central part of the city. It’s among the most modern and best-equipped in Europe. S-Bahn trains connect the airport with the Hauptbahnhof or main railroad station in downtown Munich. Trains depart about every 20 minutes for the 40-miniute trip. The fare is $11.Taxis to the central city are far more expensive and may cost upwards of $80. Airport buses also run between the airport and the center city. Munich’s main rail station is one of the largest in Europe. It has a hotel, restaurants, shopping, car parking and banking facilities. All Germany cites are connected to the station. The S-Bahn rapid-transit system is a 260-mile network of tracts throughout the city and its suburbs. Munich has long distance bus service from many German and European cities. Munich International airport. 089/97521313. For S-Bahn information, call 089/41424344. For subway information, call 089/21913287. For bus information, call the Deutsche Touring GmbH, 089/88989513.

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