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Getting Around Madrid

Madrid has an extensive transportation system, making travel within the city a convenient and safe experience. Buses, subways (Metro) and taxis are all widely used to get from point to point. There are plenty of taxis around the city and they can be flagged down right off the street. Official taxis in Madrid are painted white with a red diagonal stripe across the front doors. The flat meter rate starts at 1,45Eur. and there are surcharges for luggage, airport pickup and phone pickup. TEL: 91 405 55 00/ 91 447 51 80/ 91 445 90 08

Metro: The subway system in Madrid is made up of 10 lines that cover most of the city. A single ticket costs 1,15Eur. and is valid for one trip. You can purchase a Metrosur ticket that is valid for 10 trips and costs 5, 20Eur. Please note: Although relatively safe, it is advisable to use the same caution you would use in any other major city when traveling through busy stations, as pick-pockets can take advantage of very popular and crowded stations. Metros run from 6am to 1.30 am. Visit for more information and for metro schedules.

Buses: Bus stops located throughout the city have detailed bus route schedules. A single ride on the bus costs .95Eur or 5Eur for 10 trips. The city offers night buses, called Buhos, for transportation after the metro has closed. For more information on bus transportation, please visit


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