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Greek Islands.

Getting Around Greek Islands

You may get to the islands by plane or cruise ship. Most of the islands have airports, so if you want to see one island in particular, this is the fastest way to travel. However, if you are interested in island hopping, take the more scenic route and choose to travel by cruise ship. Cruise ships offer comfortable quarters, fine dining, and excursions to the most intriguing islands.

While on the island, the best way to get around depends on your intended destination. Most islands have buses with stops at beaches and tourist attractions. However, if you are more independent, have a specific itinerary you wish to follow, and plan on spending several days on one island, there are car and scooter rental shops. Keep in mind that the driving rules on the islands can differ from those in your native country. A taxi service is often an easier and equally convenient mode of transportation. At most tourist spots there is often a slew of taxis lined up. The drivers are friendly and always anticipating that you will need to be driven to and from hotels, ports, and popular sites.

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