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An Exotic Portal to the Past.

Egypt may be known for its deserts, but some of its land is lush with beaches, as the country borders the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan. It also controls the Sinai Peninsula, a bridge of land that connects Africa and the remainder of the Eastern Hemisphere, and the Suez Canal, a sea link between the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean.

Although the country is prone to large influxes of refugees, it’s a culturally rich land with many customs that tourists can watch and even take part in. Nowhere is this more rewarding or apparent than walking, literally, through the country’s deep history. From the Giza Pyramids to monuments that dot the Nile River, Egypt offers an exotic portal to the past. Check out any one of its many museums and you’ll likely spot a papyrus roll that dates back thousands of years—to when the first set of alphabets, hieroglyphics, was invented. Yet, for all its historic wonders, Egypt still embraces modern day technologies in fast-paced cities like Cairo. So if it’s an eclectic mix of yesterday and tomorrow that you crave, then Egypt should be your destination of choice.

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