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While the U.S. government notes that the crime rate in Egypt is low, there have been a number of terrorist attacks in the country in recent years. To stay updated on where—and where not—to travel, visit the State Department’s site on Egypt (see below).

In terms of public transportation, there are a number of buses and minibuses that are cheap and operate throughout the country, but you’ll need to ask around to make sure you get off at the right stop (many stops are only labeled in Arabic). Some tourists prefer guided tours or connecting between cities through the some 5,000 km of railroads in Egypt (as they are often less cramped than buses, though slower). Cairo, however, has its own metro system (the only one in the country) that is cheap (about 15 cents each ride, regardless of distance) and relatively un-crowded.

Of course, you can always hail a taxi within a city. Just remember to negotiate fares beforehand if you decide to use a cab to journey to another city. And while it might seem appealing to rent a car, it could add up to be quite costly (and you’ll have to navigate while driving on the left, instead of right, side of the road).

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