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Costa Rica.
An Ecological Paradise.

‘Pura Vida’. This is the phrase you will hear time and time again if you’re fortunate enough to visit this jewel of a country. It is what the locals use to describe their way of life and it’s their beloved nation’s mantra. Literally translated to ‘pure life,’ this two-word phrase captures everything that Costa Rica, and its infinite number of adventures, offers. It is a surfer’s paradise, a nature-lover’s haven and an eco-tourist’s sanctuary. Here, there is something for everyone – beautiful and pristine beaches, bountiful wildlife and breathtaking natural parks and reserves. It is the kind of place where no one wears a watch, and if you’re lucky to find a few who do, they will all give you a completely different time even if you ask them back-to-back. Time does not exist here, and after spending some of it in Costa Rica, you’ll easily understand why.

A visit to Costa Rica requires at least a one-night stay in its capital, San Jose. It is here where mostly everyone starts their journey. You can travel the country by bus, charter plane or the most adventurous, a rented car. Driving in Costa Rica gives you automatic bragging rights, so if you decide to go this route, make sure to be prepared! Whichever way you decide to travel, it is sure to be a worthwhile and fulfilling experience that will last you a lifetime. Whether you stay a few days, a week or two or even a month, Costa Rica’s boundless treasures will have you wanting to come back for more. Here’s but a brief taste of the ‘pura vida.’

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