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Costa Rica.

Getting Around Costa Rica

Taxi: The official taxis in San Jose are red with a yellow triangle on the sides. Inside the San Jose airport, Taxi Aeropuerto has a stand where you can pre-pay your fare (usually USD $12 to most hotels). Simply tell the attendant what hotel you’re staying in, and she will give you a receipt of your paid fare. Upon walking out of the airport, you will be greeted by several taxi drivers, one of which will take you to your destination.

Around San Jose, you can easily hail red taxis on the street, and stands are available at most tourist attractions (National parks, etc). Always make sure the meter is running once you get in; if not, set a fare with the driver up front.

Bus: Bus transportation within San Jose is a reliable and cheap alternative (USD .25 - USD.50). Buses operate between 5am and 10pm and run regularly from several stops downtown. They also pick up passengers along the way from destination to destination.

Domestic Bus Transportation: From San Jose, public buses leave the Coca-Cola Bus Terminal to destinations across the country.

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