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Catalina Island.

Avalon Facts & Information

Location Located on Catalina Island
Climate Mild winters, hot summers
Land Area 1.4 square miles
Population 3,127
Persons Over 65 10.1%
Female Persons 49.2%
Ethnic Groups 71.63% white, 0.74% black, 1.02% american indian, 0.61% asian
Median Household Income $39,327
Description of Flag The flag of California consists of a white base with a red horizontal stripe along the bottom of it. In the center of the flag is a brown grizzly bear on a patch of green grass with the words California Republic written below. A red, five pointed star is in the top left corner.
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Catalina Island Culture

Perhaps the best-known quote about island life commonly heard here is actor Harrison Ford’s line in the film “Six Days, Seven Nights.” Ford, the brash island pilot, tells his finicky co-star Anne Heche: “It’s an island, sweetheart. If you didn’t bring it here, you ain’t gonna’ find it here.” The island’s 4,000 or so residents take this to heart. Residents and visitors as well can find anything they would need in a small town: restaurants, hotels, schools, plumbers, barbershops, lawyers, dentists and even physical

therapists. Since no cars are allowed here, the only mechanics in town know how to fix golf karts. The local tow truck is an oversize golf cart. Because it’s an Island, Catalina has some unusual characteristics such as a barge service that brings many large items such as furniture. A freight service flies in the mail, UPS and FedEx. Visitors can’t help but be amazed to see the way common mainland sights have been “islandized.” Catalina Island, for example, is the only place where the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department operates a golf cart. And getting the mail here means a trip to the post office. There’s no general mail delivery on the Island, so residents get their mail from post office boxes.

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Catalina Island Shopping

There are no shopping malls on Catalina. Don’t expect department stores, either. And no chains. Nearly everything on the island is family-owned. Shop owners can often be found waiting on customers in their businesses. The stores are all clustered around the crescent-shaped Avalon Bay, a sort of Main Street. This adds a people-watching dimension to shopping the pedestrian friendly walkways. Shoppers find stores that sell art, jewelry, clothing, books, pottery,

wine, flowers and collectibles. And, of course, souvenirs. Some stand-out stores include Bouys & Gulls, which sells casual sportswear and T-shirts. The Avalon Bay Co. has a good supply of women’s beachwear. The Perico Gallery offers unique art in pen and ink, watercolor prints, and island bird and deco tiles. Latitude 33 has vintage Aloha shirts. And the Catalina Gold Co. claims to offer prices half of what shoppers would pay on the mainland.


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