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Cape Town.

Cape Town History

The city of Cape Town reflects a history rich in contrasts, governors and slaves, reformers and missionaries, empire builders and ordinary people who became extraordinary role models for a new democratic nation. Cape Town located in South Africa is a city that has numerous historic sites and buildings that have played a significant role in its history. The oldest existing building in Cape Town is the Castle that was built in 1666, to protect the new settlement at the Cape.

Nowadays the Castle operates as a museum with artifacts dating back to the 17th century. Another building a part of Cape Towns history is the Slave Lodge. The Slave Lodge is the second oldest building in South Africa and has served many purposes in its existing three centuries. Originally built as accommodation for the slaves of the Dutch East India Company, it was also Cape Town's first post office, a library and the Supreme Court. Today it is home to the SA Cultural History Museum and its displays of ceramics, toys, silver and textiles from Cape Town's past, as well as artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Cape Town is home to many descendants of the Malay slaves brought to the Cape during the 17th century. Many residents and many families in Cape Town are devout Muslims, and prayers can be heard throughout the streets during the day.

Africa went through many changes, but a significant year for Africa was 1994 when Nelson Mandela was elected president. Mandela worked hard for peace awareness, and stood up against racism. Due to his public speaking and traveling across countries he was able to make a difference not only for his country but other countries as well.

Cape Town nowadays offers the best climbing, surfing and cultural sites in the world. Even though it still has a long way to go in terms of the economy and being technologically well off, it has made huge improvements since its earlier days. Traveling to Cape Town today, it is hard to realize, and picture a place that was once terrorized by the affects of slavery and oppression. Today, people full of life and freedom fill the streets, living vibrant and energetic norms of daily Cape Town life.

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