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Netherlands Facts & Information

 Location Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany
 Climate Temperate; marine; cool summers and mild winters
 Terrain Mostly coastal lowland and reclaimed land (polders); some hills in southeast
 Population 16,150,511
 Nationality Dutch
 Ethnic groups Dutch 83%, other 17%
 Religions Roman Catholic 31%, Protestant 21%, Muslim 4.4%, other 3.6%, unaffiliated 40%
 Languages Dutch (official language), Frisian (official language)
 Government Type Constitutional Monarchy
 Capital Amsterdam
 Description of Flag The Netherlands flag has three equal horizontal stripes on it. The colors of the stripes from top to bottom are red, white, and blue. The flag of the Netherlands is one of the oldest flags still in use. The flag originated with William I, Prince of Orange, in 16th century.
 Netherlands Flag Flag of Netherlands

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Dutch Culture

Opposite of what you might expect, Amsterdam is one of the safest and cleanest cities in Europe. The city’s population is composed primarily of Dutch inhabitants. However, Amsterdam also provides refuge to many foreigners seeking to experience the unique Dutch culture, if only for a little while. The city’s crime rate is almost non-existent. Further, Dutch are instinctively clean people, perhaps stemming from the close living quarters that demand such sanitation.

It’s not unusual to see shopkeepers or housewives scrubbing the pavement in front of their stores or homes respectively.

The Dutch are very well educated. Most of the population speaks French and English, in additional to their native Dutch language, making Amsterdam a popular tourist destination. Despite Amsterdam’s liberal laws regarding drug use, the Dutch are hard working and dependable people who leave little time for daydreaming. A Dutchman will almost never be late for an appointment. Amsterdam’s live and let live attitude is arguable it’s best know cultural trait. Other Dutch traits are honesty and respectfulness. The Dutch look on the bright side of any given situation.

Amsterdam’s unique geography, built upon reclaimed swamplands, marine climate, and dreamy atmosphere has intrigued artists for centuries. It’s no surprise that some of the greatest artists in history once called Amsterdam home.

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Amsterdam Shopping

Many people visit Amsterdam just for the shopping. The entire downtown area is loaded with a wide variety of shops ranging from designer boutiques to funky novelty stores. Shopping in Amsterdam is unlike anywhere else. When in Amsterdam, you’ll get the distinct feeling that you are in one giant outdoor shopping mall. The shops around the Dam are a great place to start. Here you’ll find a number of specialty shops in addition to De Bijenkorf,

Amsterdam’s largest department store. Along the pedestrian only Nieuwendijk-Kalverstraat you’ll find smaller clothing stores and the majority Amsterdam Canal Tourof souvenir shops. You’ll find the best deals on Dutch made crystal, pewter, and furniture. Diamonds are reasonable priced as well in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is known for its flea markets. In fact, the city hosts, De Pijp, the largest outdoor market in Europe. There are plenty of other markets around the city including Westermarkt (located on Westerstrat) and Nordermarkt (located in the Jordan).


Amsterdam Restaurants
Read reviews for some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. You'll find the perfect restaurant for your vacation here. Choose a restaurant by cuisine type or visitor rating.
Name Address Phone Cuisine
 Hunter's Bar Warmoesstraat 24 20 6279732 Coffee House
 Pasta e Basta Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8 20-422 222 Italian
 Soul Kitchen Amstelstraat 32 20-620 23 Bar
 Gary's Muffins Reguliersdwarsstraat 53 20-420 240 American
 VandeMarkt Schollenbrugstraat 8-9 20-468-695 Mediterranean
 Caf? de Waag Nieuwmarkt 4 20-422 777 International
 Bamboo Bar Lange Leidsewarsstraat 115 20 624 399 Bar
 Lof Haarlemmerstraat 62 20-620 299 Fusion
 Pier 10 De Ruijterkade Steiger 10 20-624 827 French
 Nol Westerstraat 109 20-624 538 Brown Caf
 Tempo Doeloe Utrechtsestraat 75 20-625 671 Indonesian
 Kaiko Jekerstraat 114 20-662-564 Japanese
 Barney's Haarlemmerstraat 102 20-625 97 Coffee House
 Vossius Hobbemastraat 2 20-577-410 French
 Rose's Cantina Reguliersdwarsstraat 38 20-625 979 American
 Het Bosch Jollenpad 10 20-644-580 French
 A Tavola Kadijksplein 9 20-625-499 Italian
 Greenhouse Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191 20-627 17 Coffee House
 Vijaya Geldersekade 23 20 4205225 Indian
 Voorbij Het Einde Sumatrakade 613 20-419-114 French
 Dorrius Lindengracht 62 20-420 222 Dutch
 Homegrown Fantasy Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 87a 20-627 56 Coffee House
 Segugio Utrechtestraat 36 20-330-150 Italian
 Sea Palace Oosterdokskade 8 20-626-477 Chinese
 bonnes choses amstelveenseweg 91 20-6641620 French
 Baba Warmoesstraat 64 20-62-41-409 Coffee House
 Restaurant Vermeer Netherlands Barbizon Palace Prins Hendrikkade 59-72 20-556-488 French
 Rokerij Singel 8 20-422 66 Coffee House
 ! Zest Prinsenstraat 1 20-428 245 Fusion, Demi-veg
 Spanjer en van Twist Leliegracht 60 20-639 010 International
 Luxembourg Spui 22-24 20-620 62 Cafe
 Panama Oostelijke Handelskade 4 20-311-868 Mediterranean
 Vakzuid Olympisch Stadion 35, Zuid 20 570 840 Bar
 Albert Cuyp 67 Albert Cuypstraat 67 20-671 139 Surinamese
 Mazzo Rozengracht 114 20-626 75 Bar
 't Monumentje 120 Westerstraat 20-624 354 Brown Caf
 Toro Dorado Spui straat 3 c & d NZ Voorbrugwal 22 20-421-869 Argentinian
 Bojo Restaurants Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 49 en 51 20-622 743 Indonesian
 Sluizer Utrechtsestraat 43-45 20-622 637 Seafood
 Zuid Zeeland Utrechtsedwarsstraat 141 20-620 739 French
 Akbar Indian Restaurant Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 15 020-624221 Indian
 De Prins Prinsengracht 124 20-624 938 Brown Caf
 La Cigale Spiegelgracht 27, 1 hoog 20-627-965 French
 Zet Isie Reguliersdwarsstraat 23 20-623 425 Italian


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