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Getting Around Alaska

There are a few ways to travel in Alaska. One way to travel is by ferry. Ferries are dependable and a practical mode of public transportation. Ferries run year-round and services are on most routes. Not only do ferries carry people they can also carry your cars. Ferries travel three separate routes. Schedules and tariffs vary according to time of year. From October 1 to April 30, rates are lowered and senior citizens are entitled to reduced rate passage on Alaska waters (meals, vehicle fees, and staterooms are all standard rates).

Another way to travel is by rail. Alaska Railroad provides passenger service on the 350-mile route between Fairbanks and Anchorage via Denali National Park and Preserve. The railroad operates year-round, with reduced services from September to May. Traveling by rail is a great way to see Alaska and its beautiful views. There is also a third way to travel in Alaska. A more traditional way of traveling through Alaska is the dogsled. If you meet a local Alaskan you can ask them to take you on the ride of your life. Hold tight and enjoy the rush!


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