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Getting Around Venice

Part of what makes Venice unique, is its use of canals as roadways. If you need to reach a specific destination, the best method of transportation is the vaporetto, or waterbus. Private water taxis are also available, for a slightly more expensive price. While in the vicinity of the Grand Canal you may notice the Venetian police and ambulances cruise by on boats, as the waterways are often the fastest means of transportation. The buses, taxis, and boats, share the canals with the original Venetian vehicle, the gondola. Now used as a tourist attraction, the gondolas are very pricey, and can be found docked or floating in almost every canal throughout the city.

As far as reaching Venice, the best method is either by plane or train, depending on your location. If you choose to fly, the Marco Polo International Airport is a short bus or taxi ride away from the pier that docks boats, which will take you to the city. If you are close enough to travel by train, the station is conveniently located right in the heart of Venice.


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