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Getting Around Singapore

Each day, about five million trips are made through Singapore's public transportation system. The cheapest and most convenient methods include the Mass Rapid Transit system, Light Rail Transit system and bus network. The rail system is one of the cleanest and most modern in Asia. Just be sure to take heed of the no smoking, drinking or eating signs, or you'll be shelling out hundreds of dollars in fines. With multi-lingual signs everywhere, easy-to-read maps and each train line marked by a different color, there's no worry of getting lost. The train stations are also very disability-friendly, with a tactile guidance system for the visually impaired and newly constructed ramps and elevators. While the buses are just as clean and modern, it's sometimes trickier to know when, exactly, to get off a stop—so check with the bus driver or a local passenger who speaks English to help you navigate your way.

A special Visitors Card, which can be obtained at Changi Airport's Arrival Hall in terminal 1 or 2 with an international passport, costs S$45 but gives you a travel value of S$10 that's good for both the bus and train system. It also comes with a booklet of discount coupons for hot attractions, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. A S$15 ez-link card lets you deposit money onto a card, rather than purchasing a ticket each time you travel, and makes it much easier to simply scan and ride. But only opt for that if you plan to stay more than a few days, as S$5 from that card is non-refundable. Otherwise, just carry enough change to cover fares that run from around 60 cents to S$1.50.

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