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Peru Weather

Due to the diversity in the geography of Peru, weather city to city varies. On the Pacific coast in cities such as Lima, it is overcast most of the year. High fog rolls in off the ocean daily. However, the temperature heats up in the 70s and 80s F during the months of December to April (summertime in the south). These five months are the only time for beach season.

Cuzco stays fairly cold, especially during the winter because of its high elevation. December to April becomes warmer, but not as warm as Lima. It will snow during wintertime as well because of its location near the Andes Mountains.

To the east of the Andes, in the Huallaga valleys, rain falls in summer and stays dry in winter.

In the jungle, the weather is always hot and humid. Rainy season will be during the summer months, but it will still be very warm and even more humid. Expect temperatures in the 80s F all year round.