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Getting Around Peru

In this third world country, public transportation is limited, but very inexpensive. The best way to travel in Peru is by taxi, which can be found all over the city. To flag one down, do not wave up high. Instead, point your index finger toward down toward the ground of the street. This will signal taxi drivers. There is no metered taxi as you find in the US. Rather, before you get into the taxi, you tell the taxi driver where you want to go and he/she will tell you the fare. If it is a reasonable price, you get in and go and pay that one price. If it is unreasonable, you can sometimes barter for the price or move on to another taxi. If you are in an area with many taxi drivers sitting around, you can barter for an even better price.

It is difficult to travel within Peru by bus or train. Trains or buses from Lima to Cuzco take days. The best way is to fly. Lan Peru is the most easily accessible plane carrier around Peru. It is recommended for flights from Lima to Cuzco (which is where you must first travel to if you want to continue on to Machu Picchu). If you want to get to the Amazon jungle, flying is the necessary manner.

Getting to Machu Picchu from Cuzco, you must travel by train if you are not doing the Inca trail hike. The trains leave for Machu Picchu very early in the morning, arou nd 6 to 6:30. The train travels up a mountain, so be prepared for several switchbacks (the train will actually move forward and backward for the first leg of the trip). The train will arrive at Machu Picchu around 9:30. It will make a return trip between 3:30 and 5:00. The price of a round-trip ticket is $55.00. However, you can find backpackers’ services online. To contact the station call 084/23-3551.

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