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Getting Around Moscow

The best way to get around Moscow is on the Metro. It is a very nice rail system. The cars are always clean and the terminals are very well guarded and safe. Stalin paid a pretty penny to make sure the Metro was a global gem and he succeeded. Make sure to stop at the Kievskaya station to see the paintings and sculptures and a visit to the station at Victory Park (Park Pobedi) is breathtaking.

Plan ahead as you approach your intended stop. The passengers move quickly and shoving isn’t out of the question. Keep a close eye on the posters above the seats to see how many stops you are away from your destination. Once you exit the train car move quickly to the sides of the station away from the foot traffic. Most Moscow residents move very quickly through the corridors and become agitated when tourists stop in the middle of a walkway to read a map or sign. From the walls you can see the signs directing you either to connecting stations or to exits to the city.

Another thing to keep in mind is the underground walkways that lead to the metro stations. These walkways are filled with newsstands, snack bars and cheap mini stores. They are also a way to avoid crossing the sometimes hectic traffic on the surface streets. If a street looks like it is too busy to cross on foot, look for a subway station and you may find a way to safely cross below the street underground.

Depending on how long you stay in Moscow, buy a Metro pass for multiple rides. Each train has maps with Cyrillic and English equivalent writing.

You can also take a taxi, Russian skills required, or a bus.

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