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Drinking and Dancing.

There are two ways to truly experience Jamaica. The first is to stay in some of the unbelievably beautiful hotels that are available, dine in some of the best restaurants you’ll find anywhere with an unbeatable selection of food, visit one of the most beautiful and diverse island environments and dance in elegant surroundings to some really professional reggae bands. The second way is to “go native” and in Jamaica that means music, music and more music and of course lots of food. And the “double D’s” that Jamaica has become famous for – Drinking and Dancing. Many people go home from a week or so in Jamaica feeling refreshed and relaxed; pampered and healed; ready to face the rigors of their lives. Many more leave Jamaica badly needing rest, but with a smile on their faces that doesn’t even begin to reveal the sweetness of the memories. The choice, of course, is up to the traveler. But even with that, a pretty good percentage of the people who come to kick back in the mellow pink sands of Jamaica end up having experiences they never dreamed possible. No matter what, though, everybody leaves happy. You can stay in a resort complex built into a network of ocean caves, where the restaurant is actually a cave and where your daily massage spot overlooks the most beautiful stretch of beach in the world. Or you can pitch a tent on the beach and experience Jamaica at its most basic and pure – a peaceful island that lays claim to its own music, its own religion and its own personality. You know who you are and what you like and you’ll be sure to find it (and more) on Jamaica.

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