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Contributor Guidelines

International Circuit is rapidly becoming one of the largest travel sites on the web. However, we need contributors to help us get there! We are devoted to providing informative travel guides and unbiased reviews for top vacation destinations across the globe. Our goal is to assist travelers with their travel planning by providing current, reliable, and comprehensive travel information.

International Circuit debuted as an online travel publication in January 2004. We are constantly updating and adding to our travel guides. We are currently seeking contributor submissions for numerous locations. U.S locations are also being considered.

Style and Tone
We only publish travel materials written in the second person. Works should tell the reader how they would feel, what they should do, what they shouldn’t do, and what they could see. Our readers should be able to experience a destination directly from the contributor’s words. Writings should be lively, interesting, and provide real insight.

Writers’ Guidelines
Queries should be submitted via email. Writers may also be asked to help source out photos for destination travel guides. Typically, materials should include the follow per vacation destination:

I. Introduction to Destination
a) 200-300 words

II. History of Destination
a) Minimum 500 words

III. Summary of People and Culture
a) 100-300 words

IV. Review of Tourist Attractions
a) 3-5 main tourist attractions
b) Roughly 200 words each
c) Pricing and hours of operation
d) Address and Phone
e) Website URL (if available)

Attractions may include museums, art galleries, landmarks, parks, beaches, lakes, tours, nearby towns, ports, churches, activities, government buildings, amusement parks, rides, famous streets, markets, ruins, zoos, etc.

V. Overview of Shopping
a) 100-300 words

VI. Summary of Public Transportation
a) Minimum 100 words
b) Include website URLs

VII. Summary of Weather
a) Minimum 100 words

All original photography should be sent to International Circuit on CD.
In addition, all photography submitted should be accompanied by a caption list that identifies each photo locations. Please include your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Compensation varies depending on the destination and quality of the materials.

Please list the travel destination(s) you are interested in writing about in your email to the editor.

In submitting materials, it is understood that:

  • Submitted materials will not be returned. In addition, all submitted materials become the property of International Circuit.

  • Materials submitted must not have been published elsewhere or be protected under third party copyrights.

  • A short (approximately 30 words) biography of the contributor is required once publication of the materials is confirmed.

  • International Circuit has editorial control over any works selected for publication. Though we make every effort to retain the original wording, we may make editorial changes for marketing purposes or to avoid content that may be considered offensive, confusing, or repetitive.

Please Submit Writers Queries to