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British Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands Facts & Information

 Location Caribbean, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Puerto Rico
 Climate Subtropical, humid, temperatures moderated by trade winds
 Terrain Coral islands relatively flat, volcanic islands steep, hilly
 Population 22,643
 Nationality British Virgin Islander
 Ethnic groups Black 83%, white, Indian, Asian and mixed
 Religions Protestant 86%, Roman Catholic 10%, none 2%, other 2%
 Languages English
 Government Type NA
 Capital Road Town
 Currency US dollar (USD)
 Description of Flag Blue, with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Virgin Islander coat of arms centered in the outer half of the flag
 Virgin Islands Flag Flag of British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands Culture

The people of the British Virgin Islands are much more laid-back than their neighbors of the U.S. Virgin Islands like St. Thomas and St. John which are better known for their influx of tourists and resorts. The leisurely lifestyle of the people of the British Virgin Islands is accented by delicious cooking using a variety of spices and even spicier Caribbean beats.

Even though it is a British settlement, the islands have adopted the U.S. dollar as their official currency and not the pound. It is also very common for the islanders to rely on Miami when they need things like food, clothes and cars. In that sense, the islands can feel Americanized, but the abundant preservation efforts by the National Parks Trust make the islands feel under-developed and untouched. Tourism is slowly becoming a mainstay in the British Virgin Island’s economy but it’s still not as prevalent as in the U.S Virgin Islands.

Natives of any of the Virgin Islands are quite superstitious. Don’t be surprised if you hear them refer to “the jumbies.” Many islanders believe in these supernatural beings that are good or evil and live outside homes, but it is thought that U.S. natives are exempt from the jumbies doings.

Crime is relatively low, with robbery being the main complaint in Tortola, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take normal precautions while visiting the islands.

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British Virgin Islands Shopping

Shopping is not a main selling point for the British Virgin Islands. Merchandise is not duty-free, but the best deals to be found may be on goods imported from Great Britain.

Since Tortola is the main island, most of the best shops are located there, mostly on Main Street in Road Town. For art collectors, Caribbean Fine Arts, Ltd. offers a unique collection of West Indies art.

Be sure to visit Latitude 18 for all your beach needs from towels and sandals to the island’s largest selection of sunglasses.

When you are visiting the Baths on Virgin Gorda, stop in Tropical Gift Collections to pick up local crafts like hand-made jewelry and pottery at reasonable prices.

Be aware that shopping is extremely limited on some of the smaller islands. For example, despite its popularity with tourists, Anegada doesn’t even have a drug store.


British Virgin Islands Restaurants

We’ve provided listings for some of the top restaurants in the British Virgin Islands including Tortola, Virgin Gorda and more. You’ll find lavish gourmet restaurants, affordable restaurants serving up good food, and everything in between. Sample traditional British Virgin Islands cuisine or other specialty cuisines that are sure to make your taste buds happy.

Read reviews entered by other patrons and be sure to return to our site to submit your own restaurant review.

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