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Bermuda Facts & Information

 Location North America, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina (US)
 Climate Subtropical, mild, humid, gales, strong winds common in winter
 Terrain Low hills separated by fertile depressions
 Population 65,365
 Nationality Bermudian
 Ethnic groups Black 54.8%, white 34.1%, mixed 6.4%, other races 4.3%, unspecified 0.4%
 Religions Anglican 23%, Roman Catholic 15%, African Methodist Episcopal 11%, other Protestant 18%
 Languages English (official), Portuguese
 Government Type Parliamentary British overseas territory with internal self-government
 Capital Hamilton
 Currency Bermudian dollar (BMD)
 Description of Flag Red, with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Bermudian coat of arms centered on the outer half of the flag
 Bermuda Flag Flag of Bermuda

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Bermuda Culture

The culture of Bermuda reflects the heritage and history of its people who are of African and European decent. Although Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, Bermuda has strong ties to the United States and Canada as well as the former British colonies and the Caribbean. Locals of the island are very friendly and concerned with etiquette. Good afternoons, please and thank you, is appreciated and praised for. So don’t forget to get to

know the people of Bermuda but don’t forget your manners at home!

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Bermuda Shopping

Bermuda has plenty of great shopping and high end fashions to choose from. If you are accustomed to shopping at Rodeo Drive, then the prices in Bermuda’s elegant shops won’t be much of a surprise to you, but these prices are somewhat discounted, so finding a great buy is easy on the island. Bermuda has no sales tax, which means the price on the tag is the price you pay. In addition, crystal and china are often less expensive here and if you

see something you like, just grab it and purchase it. English cashmere, wool, Irish linen, and perfume are some of the must haves when bringing back something from Bermuda. Some shopping places to visit are the Bermuda craft Market and the Butterfield Place, here you will surely find something that will satisfy your taste no matter what it might be. Happy shopping and enjoy the culture that Bermuda offers.


Bermuda Restaurants

We’ve provided listings for some of the top restaurants in Bermuda including St. George, Hamilton, Paget and more. You’ll find lavish gourmet restaurants, affordable restaurants serving up good food, and everything in between. Sample traditional Bermuda cuisine or other specialty cuisines that are sure to make your taste buds happy.

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  Devonshire Hamilton Hamilton Parish  
  Paget Pembroke Southampton  
  St. George Warwick