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Top Berlin Attractions

The first time you visit Berlin, or any new destination, the question asked isn’t usually what attractions should be scene but what attraction to see first, what to expect, how to get there, and how much time is needed. We’ve provided tips, advice, and other information about the top tourist attractions in Berlin to help with your itinerary planning.

Gemäldegalerie Gemäldegalerie
Jewish Museum Jewish Museum
Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens
Berlin Zoo Berlin Zoo
Pergamon Museum Pergamon Museum

Gemäldegalerie (Picture Gallery)

 Address Mattäiskirchplatz 4
 Transportation U-Bahn: Potsdamer Platz, then bus 148. Bus: 129 from Ku'damm (plus a 4-min. walk)
 Admission 6€ ($6.90) adults, 3€ ($3.45) children
 Hours Tues-Sun 10am-6pm (Thurs to 10pm)
 Phone 030/20905555

The Gemaldegalerie is one of Germany’s greatest art museums. With several room devoted to early German masters, you will find pieces dated back to the 13th and 15th centuries. Most of the great European masters are represented at this museum. Some Italian collections are the five Raphael Madonnas, along with works by Titian. Early Nethelandish paintings from the 15th and 16th Century by Bosch, and Brueghel are also exhibited at the Museum. The museum is a great place to spend the day and is very affordable. Some of the most important works by Rembrandt such as Head of Christ, and The Man with the Golden Helmet are held here. So take your loved one or go to the museum with your whole family, the museum is a great look at the art and culture that the German people praise.


Jüdisches Museum (Jewish Museum)

 Address Lindenstrasse 9-14
 Transportation U-Bahn: Hallesches Tor or Kochstrasse. Bus: 129, 240, or 341
 Admission 5€ ($5.75); free for children 6 and under. Family ticket 10€ ($12) for 2 adults and up to 4 children
 Hours Mon 10am-10pm; Tues-Sun 10am-8pm
 Phone 030/259933

The Jewish Museum is one of the most talked about Museum in Berlin. With such a rich and hard past with the German country, the Jewish Museum focuses on World War II and the struggles that the Jewish population had to undergo during that time. The museum designed by Daniel Libeskind, lies in a building that is one of the most spectacular buildings in the entire city. Called the Silver Lightning Bolt, the building suggests a shattered Star of David with odd shaped windows that embed the buildings exterior. Inside the museum you will feel an uneasy feeling, this is designed to make the visitor disoriented, simulating the feeling of those who were exiled. When the exhibits reach the rise of the Third Reich, the hall's walls, ceiling, and floor close in as the visitor proceeds. A chillingly hollow Holocaust Void, a dark, windowless chamber, evokes much that was lost. The museum is a must see, it will make everyone who comes here, think, remember, and feel what the Jewish people had to endure. The exhibits at the museum concentrate on three themes: Judaism and Jewish life, the devastating effects of the Holocaust, and the post-World War II rebuilding of Jewish life in Germany. The museum has a restaurant that features strictly kosher food and emphasizes on Jewish recipes. This is a must see when arriving to Berlin, it will leave you speechless, and take you back in time, to the year of WWII.


Garten (Botanical Garden)

 Admission 5€ ($5.75) adults, 2.50€ ($2.90) children, and free for children under 6
 Hours The gardens are open daily 9am to 8pm April and August; 9am to 9pm May, June, and July; 9am to 7pm September; 9am to 6pm March and October; 9am to 5pm February; and 9am to 4pm November through January; the museum is open daily, year-round from 10am to 6pm.

Enjoy a nice day strolling along through green plants, great smelling flowers and the breeze blowing through your hair. The botanical garden of Berlin has a vast collection of European and exotic wildlife. Allow your kids to play and run through all the greenery as they enjoy Mother Nature and her creations. The garden is home to one of the worlds largest palm houses, and several special collections such as the garden for blind visitors. Enjoy the ponds and water plants and have your lunch under a tree as it protects you from the sun. The garden welcomes people of all ages and is an affordable way to spend your day.


Zoologischer Garten (Zoo-Aquarium)

 Admission Individual admission to either the zoo or aquarium is 10€ ($12) for adults and 5€ ($5.75) for children. A combined ticket costs 15€ ($17) for adults and 7.50€ ($8.65) for children.
 Hours The zoo is open April to October daily 9am to 6:30pm; November to March daily 9am to 5pm. The aquarium is open year-round daily 9am to 6pm.

Parents give yourselves a break and take your kids out to the zoo. Founded in 1844, the Berlin Zoo- Aquarium is the oldest zoo in Berlin. More than 13,000 animals live at the zoo, man of them in large and open natural habitats. The zoo’s most valuable resident is the giant panda. There are also more than 550 species of birds living at the Berlin zoo. The aquarium adjacent to the zoo has over 9,000 species of fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and other creatures. Among these animals you will find crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and turtles. The zoo and the aquarium are a fun and educational day to spend with your kids.


Pergamon Museum

 Address Kupfergraben, Museumsinsel
 Transportation U-Bahn/S-Bahn: Friedrichstrasse. Tram: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 15, or 53
 Admission 8€ ($9.20) adults, free for children under 16; free admission 1st Sun of each month
 Hours Tues, Wed, Fri-Sun 10am-6pm; Thurs 10am-10pm
 Phone 030/209050

Interested in some great art exhibits? Then the Pergamon Museum is the right place for you. The museum has huge wings that separate art by their eras. The department of Greek and Roman Antiquities is the most famous wing displaying the Pergamon Alter. The Pergamon alter has a room of its own, and 27 steps lead from the museums floor up to the colonmade. The mot fascinating part of the exhibit is the frieze around the base. The frieze illustrates the struggle of the Olympian gods against titan. The Near East museum located in the south wing contains collections of Babylonia, Persia, and Assyria antiquities. The museums upper level is devoted to Islamic art and they praise their exhibits on carpets, woodcarvings, and miniatures. Overall, this museum is a great place to enjoy art and children under 16 get in free.


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