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Bora Bora Weather

The climate on Bora Bora is considered tropical, but moderate, with temperature ranging from 77-87°F. The island’s wet season falls between November and April and the cooler, dryer season runs from May to October. The ocean and lagoon waters average 80°F year-round.

The wet season, or Polynesian Summer, is regarded as the "off season" for tourism. It can be quite humid and muggy during this time and storms are frequent, yet brief. The hottest months of the year are typically February and March.

The dry season, or Polynesian Winter, is the "on season" for tourism and the most favorable time for scuba diving as there is higher underwater visibility. Bring a windbreaker if you plan on visiting Bora Bora June-August, as southeastern trade winds are common.

Bora Bora lies in the South Pacific cyclone zone. Given the sheer geography of the island, hurricanes do occur though their frequency is much less than other parts of the world.

Expect to see as far as 80 to 90 miles on a clear day.