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The Land Down Under.

Australia should be the eighth wonder of the world. The land down under is a haven for nature loves with its serene waterfalls and exotic wildlife, marine biologists for the extensive species of fish, and sun worshipers for the miles of beaches.
When arriving there, you cannot take any food in to the country, not even a package of lifesavers. The country is home to rare vegetation and insects, and customs does not want anything brought into the country that could cause harm.

If you travel to Australia, go scuba diving at the reef. You can pick and choose from several companies that will take you out for one-day trips or a full-blown scuba diving certification. The colorful coral
provides a perfect backdrop against the tropical fish. If you are lucky, you will spot baby sharks.

You can also go skydiving at Surfer’s Paradise. Australia is home to the cheapest skydiving in the world and provides spectacular views of the beaches during your fall to earth.

In Sydney, partake in the Harbor Bridge Climb-a must event for tourists. You can choose day or night climbs, which last over three hours each. Be prepared, as it is no small venture. You must take a breathalyzer test, pass through a metal detector, and dress in gray jumpsuits while wearing belts that attach to the bridge. Everything you wear must be attached you, such as optical glasses and radios to hear your guide. You are given rain jackets that are actually sewn into a bag attached to your belt. Everything must be attached to you; if something should fall, it would crack the windshield of a car below.

The climb itself is over 1100 steps, but well worth the effort. The view from the top is magnificent. The lights from the skyline and the opera house reflect into the harbor below, making the waters turn to rainbows.

Australia is a vacation for everyone! If adventure is your pleasure, go swim with sharks. If you prefer to relax, head to the coastline and do some yoga at the beach or simply let the white sand slip between your toes.

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